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Time-Lapse Camera Units

Time-lapse Videos: We use solar powered weather resistant time-lapse photography units to gather our visual footage.  The cameras are programmed to take a high resolution photograph every fifteen minutes for the entire life of the plant or tree.  Each camera comes equipped to immediately transmit each photograph to our server, so we have real-time access to our footage.

Growing Data: Accompanying each time-lapse unit is a weather station which gathers data on the same interval as the photographic unit; it documents the conditions in which our plants thrive. Examples of the collected data include: soil and ambient temperatures, precipitation and soil moisture, and solar intensity.

Interviews with Farmers: We collect agrarian knowledge that preserves unique cultural philosophies and methodologies to share alongside our visual and scientific data. Each interview will be tailored to gather growing practices specific to the crop we are documenting. These interviews will include reflections on techniques, relationships to growing food, philosophies, and wisdom from growing these selected crops.

Farmer Interview