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  1. About Living Library

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    About the Living Library

    Working with growers and educators, DFC is documenting cultivated crops around the globe by collecting time-lapse footage, interviews with farmers, and scientific and practical data about each recorded plant as it grows from seed to harvest. This content is compiled, edited, and packaged for use in an online “Living Library,” which preserves the growth practices of produce species from all over the world.

    The Living Library is a hub for knowledge sharing and social networking amongst farmers and scientists as well as the greater public. It is also the portal from which we build unique and inspiring programs that will educate growers and consumers and advocate agricultural practices.

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  2. About Seedlings

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    About the Seedlings Program

    Seedlings is the educational initiative of Digital Farm Collective (DFC). Through collaborations with strategic partners, DFC connects art, agriculture, science, and technology using hands-on activities and creative problem solving inspired by nature, farming and food. Our goal is to inspire curiosity, turning science into art and food into fun. We do this by developing new approaches and technology tools to educate our nation’s future food producers, distributors, and consumers. Seedlings brings together all elements of learning by creating thought-provoking programming that exposes children to agricultural and art processes.